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10 Years Of Pink Dolphin

Wow here we are....2018. Who would have thought ten years ago that we would have made it this far. Who would have thought that we would have popped up 2 incredibly successful flagship stores and be carried in over 400 stores around the world? From all the disruption we have caused in the industry over the last 10 years (remember Fairfax 2012?), all the cease & desist suits, the parties and events, all the long lines from releases and Black Fridays, tradeshows, friendships made and broken, A lot has changed since we started the brand back in 2008.

This year, we have a lot planned for our 10 year anniversary. New collaborations, new SF/LA exclusive product, and a 10 year anniversary flashback capsule just to name a few. I can't thank the supporters enough for how much support you guys have shown us in the last decade. So for everyone who has been rocking with us since 2008, the content below will bring back a lot of memories. For everyone else its going to be a lil history lesson. Anyways, sit back and enjoy and comment below some of your memories from the last decade!

- Cena B aka (LordWave, Cena From Drop, CenaPinkDolphin, lil Cee etc etc etc)

It all started in 2008 in The Bay Area. Young L & Lil B conceptualized the whole concept of Pink Dolphin (which was originally supposed to be the name of their rock band which never materialized). L brought me on as Creative Director shortly after to help on the art and business side. The first release comprised of 4 colorways of the original Promo Tee (which was designed by our friend Elliot Giffis. After many months of internet hype stemming from the original photoshoot pictured here, the tees dropped online as a “Promo Release” and sold out within minutes. We only had 50 of each shirt (200 shirts total) so we marketed everything as LIMITED but the reality of it was that we only had enough money to make this many.

From here, we put all the profits back in the company to able to make more items. After every release, we would have a little bit more money than the previous release so we were able to slowly expand the product line. Mind you at this time in 2008, we had no idea what we were really doing. I was a senior in high school at the time, L was on tour with his group The Pack, and we were just trying to make cool clothing for ourselves. Nothing else nothing more. We had no idea how to manufacture anything so I was on google trying to find local screenprinters and talking to shady Chinese manufacturers thru Skype that I found on AliBaba. It was all a huge learning process and it took YEARS. We had no roadmap on what we were doing and figured everything out ourselves. No help from anyone in the industry, no mentors, nothing. All grind, hustle and heart. Here are some more items that dropped in mid 2008, the Glow in the Dark Promo tee & the Toxic Lunchbox collab (RIP Jacka).
Fall 2008. We were still trying to figure out how to really manufacturer clothing. Here is a screenshot from what our MySpace page looked like (for those of you that don't know, I used to design MySpace layouts before P+D as my hustle, Thats how I got into designing).
The OG tie dye hoodie actually didn't end up dropping this season because we couldn't figure out how to mass produce them. L & I ended up making the first release of the tie dye hoodies in my parents front yard. We literally hand dyed 50 hoodies. These dropped in November of 2008 and this is why we release a exclusive tie dye hoodie every winter season.
Holiday 2008 was a pretty big deal and was the first season we did a real lookbook:
So that was our first year! Mind you, the first release of 2008 didn't come out until Summer 2008. We geared up for our second year, check out some of the 2009 releases below:
Summer 2009:
Holiday 2009:
Here is a picture of some of our loyal supporters circa 2009-2010:
Spring 2010 was when we first launched on Karmaloop for the first time and the first time the brand was available anywhere else other than our website:
Summer 2010:
Our Collab with GOODWOODNYC when we did the wooden chains during Summer 2010:
Fall/Holiday 2010:

Spring 2011, this was when I created the iconic "Waves" logo that would became the core logo for the brand. This was the first season we put it out in a collection. 2011 was really the year the brand started to take off from being just a underground t-shirt line. We started putting out real collections.

Summer 2011:

Fall 2011 was iconic with the release of the very limited denim jacket that came in the burlap sack.

Holiday 2011 we released a few varsity jackets and had our first real full collection with cut&sew and accessories.

Spring 2012. This is where things really started to heat up for the brand. We did our first tradeshow this season and the turnout and response was insane.

2012 was when we unveiled the camo cars in our classic Ocean, Multi and Woodland camo.

Summer 2012:

We opened our LA flagship store at 420 N. Fairfax Ave shortly before our Fall 2012 launch. This was a HUGE pivotal point for the brand, to have our own brick & mortar.

Fall 2012

Presidential 2012 Capsule:


Black Pyramid Collab:

Holiday 2012:

Ended 2012 with our iconic *WOODGRAIN* Capsule:

Spring 2013:

Summer 2013:

Fall 2013:

Fall of 2013, we opened our second flagship store in The Bay Area where the brand was founded. This was HUGE for us to be able to come home and open a second store. Located at 1431 Haight Street in San Francisco's Haight & Ashbury District.

Holiday 2013:

We kicked off 2014 with a collab with Liquipel where we released a waterproof capsule of hats, tees and hoodies:

 We then kicked off Spring 2014 with a photoshoot in a all white house in Miami:

Summer 2015:

The rest of our lookbooks past Summer 2014 are all available on our lookbooks link.

We have so much more planned for the rest of this year so stay tuned.


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